There is a lot of hostility out on the Web! Phenomena such as viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, identity theft, hijackers, worms, tracking threats, rogue anti-spyware, keyloggers, unwanted software, phishing, popups and bad websites. All these can infect your computer in different ways.

Good antivirus software can handle all these different threats which can all be described as different kinds of computer viruses in the broad sense, even if a group of them are just computer viruses in the narrow sense.

Because of all these threats It is extremely important that you keep your PC well protected out there. It may seem overwhelming to be able to protect your computer from all these threats, but some modern antivirus software can handle this task very well. However, it’s very important to choose the right program for your computer. It is not easy to choose the right one among all anti-virus software offered via download from the web at different prices. Some programs are offered free of charge and some of these offer adequate protection. You may think that free programs will offer less protection than those that cost money. This is sometimes right but not always.

For over five years, I have in my small publishing company tested a large number of anti virus programs in fifteen different computers, all PCs, and we have now come to the conclusion that two current programs meet their protective function perfectly well. We started our test period after som very bad attacks from dataviruses on several computers on my company. The two antivirus programs that came out at the top from our test were AVG and Norton.

The one, AVG has a free version which is fully sufficient for computers that do not work with or are expected to store hyper-sensitive data. AVG also has a payment program that we have found is very good and works well to resist any threats on the Web. Both programs can quickly and safely be downloaded from the official website.

The other antivirus program that we have found to have excellent data protection capacity is Norton Antivirus from Symantec. We have not found any free version of Norton program. These programs are safest purchased directly from Symantec and can be downloaded quickly and securely to your computer via their site.

Both AVG and Norton are easy to update from their respective sites and regular updating of the programs is extremely important so that your computer will remain well protected in the future. My conviction is that, if you follow this advice, You will get very good protection for your computer with its important and perhaps completely irreplaceable memories. Remember also to make regular backups of photos and important documents on discs or external hard drive which is nowadays easy to connect to Your computer via an USB port.


Source by Ulf Herrstromer