Everybody is always asking the question of “What is the best antivirus program?” Since there are so many out there, the market might seem over-saturated. The answer to the question can be somewhat subjective, since there are different types of programs for different types of needs. For instance, a good program for a home user might not be a good program for a business since it might not be comprehensive enough. Businesses have far more complex security requirements than the average home user.

At the very least, a good antivirus should have the following functionalities:

• The ability to scan files and directories for suspicious / malicious programs and files

• Providing updates to the user on the health of the device or computer system

• The ability to scan specific files or folders upon request

• Detection of malicious codes and removal after getting permission from the user to clean infected file

• Real-time website and email protection

The ideal antivirus software should also be able to update itself on a frequent basis. New threats are popping up almost every day, so it’s important to have a program that is able to keep up with those latest threats and to update itself with the tools necessary to fight those new threats as well as the old.

If you’re on social media often, you’ll need adequate protection. Even if you are knowledgeable about phishing and confident that you won’t fall for such a scam, it’s still important to have protection. There could always be holes and vulnerabilities that you might not be aware of. Plus, it’s good to be warned if a link you are about to click on could potentially be malicious. What if somebody hacked into a friend’s account and sent you a malicious link?

Benefits of the Best Antivirus Program

The best antivirus program is one that will clean up viruses in addition to detecting them. You should have the option to remove a dangerous file either by outright deleting it forever or at least putting it in quarantine where it will not be able to affect any of your other files or programs.

Need protection for more than just your PC? Need an antivirus app for your phone? Some of the best programs will allow you to buy a license for use on up to 5 different devices. You can opt for the basic or pro option for your home PC and personal phone, or go with a full antivirus suite for your business network.

If there is one “best antivirus program” that a lot of users seem to praise the most, it’s Avast. Avast Antivirus gets tons of positive reviews and almost always shows up in top 10 lists. It’s definitely worth looking into, no matter what kind of protection you need.

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Source by George Botwin