If you decide to thoroughly remove CA eTrust Antivirus from your computer and move over to Kapersky, McAfee or one of the other more useful programs, then I will tell you the truth. You can not count on the Windows built-in “Add/Remove Programs” – the normal way to uninstall the unwanted programs. Because after this un-installation, in the process of downloading the other antivirus, you may receive a massage indicating that the system can not operate all components (e.g. virus scan, antispam etc) while other eTrust programs are still running.

So how can you completely remove this stubborn CA eTrust Antivirus? Please read on this article and I will tell you how:

One, a manual removal

After uninstalling this program in “Add/Remove Programs”, delete all the things below if they still exist:

Step 1

Go to Start – Control Panel – System – Hardware – Device Manager – View – Show Hidden Devices – Non-Plug and Play drivers, a series of VET_____ components may still be left there. They may appear in a diminished tone or grayed out (Phantoms), and then delete each one of them. There may also be one or two orphaned Services in the Current Control Set in the Registry (Also named VET_____).

Step 2

Go to Start – Run, type in: unvet32.exe and delete the following:

* C:WindowsAVShlExt.dll

* C:WindowsSystem32ISafeIf.dll

* C:WindowsSystem32iSafProd.dll

* C:WindowsSystem32VetRedir.dll

* C:WindowsSystem32DriversVetEBoot.sys

* C:WindowsSystem32DriversVetEFile.sys

* C:WindowsSystem32DriversVetFDDNT.sys

* C:WindowsSystem32DriversVet-Filt.sys

* C:WindowsSystem32DriversVetMonNT.sys

* C:WindowsSystem32DriversVet-Rec.sys

* C:Program FilesCAeTrust EZ ArmoreTrust EZ Antivirus

* The EZAV start menu program group located in Start->All Programs

* In the registry:


Step 3 Go to the registry editor: Start – Run, and type regedit.

Under the key


Delete the following keys








Under the key


Delete the following key


Step 4 Restart your computer.

If you had to manually remove any files, run UnVet32.exe again to see what it displays. If it displays a successful message it will delete itself, thus a complete removal.

However, you need to perform this conduct at your own risk, because any mistake may cause errors to your computer. So use caution and double check before deleting anything.

Two, an automate removal

Using an automate removal tool is a much easier and safer resolution. A good uninstaller may help you completely get rid of CA eTrust Antivirus in seconds, with hassle free.


Source by Collin Ardd