The “Google Redirect Virus” is a computer infection which basically redirects all your Google searches to random websites. This virus is highly infectious and unfortunately, most of the leading antivirus & antispyware programs out there are not able to remove it. If your Google results are being redirected to random advertising websites, you should try and use this tutorial to fix the problem for good.

The Google Redirect virus is basically a browser hijack which latches onto your Internet browsers and changes your Google search results to redirect them to random advertising websites. This means that if you’re getting these redirects, your computer will likely have the redirect virus. The problem is that because this virus latches onto specific files inside the various Internet browsers, hardly any antivirus tools are able to actually identify the problem at all.

Most antivirus tools work by scanning your PC for random programs or files which are not part of your system and/or are causing damage. The problem with the Google Redirect Virus in particular is that this virus just changes some of the files that browsers normally have, making it almost invisible to many of the leading antivirus programs. This is a big problem and is cured by doing the following:

The first thing you need to do is to use a free antivirus tool called “ComboFix”. This is an antivirus tool that allows you to add various commands to it to remove specific problems. You can use this tool with a special instructions script to remove the various problems that cause the Google Redirect Virus. You can get both this tool and the script for it from our website.

After you’ve used that tool, you should then look at using a registry cleaner to remove the settings that the Google redirect infection left. One of the big problems with viruses is that they leave a series of settings and files inside the ‘registry’ of Windows, and if you don’t remove these then the virus will quickly come back. You should use a ‘registry cleaner’ to remove the infected virus settings that are often left inside your PC, allowing your computer to become totally virus-free again.


Source by James Henry Johnson