Once in a while, most computer users do get problems related to viruses or Trojans.Using specialized security software such as antivirus programs the problems were probably solved. But what should you do if the next threat is going to disable then to block your antivirus app before starting to hurt your computer? Once infected by such a virus, you cannot rely anymore on your antivirus tool. To protect your computer, you need to know what kind of virus if affecting you.

A dangerous virus that travels across the internet is Echo Antivirus 2010. It’s not really a deadly virus but the first step in order to take cautions is to know the answer to a simple question such as, What is Antivirus 2010? Most of us don’t know really what is this virus about but to pause and learn about it increase our chances of avoiding it and its effects.

We need to find out an answer to our lack of knowledge once Echo Antivirus 2010 starts displaying pop-ups saying we are infected by lots of viruses. As you surely didn’t install the program on your computer, asking yourself, What is Echo Antivirus 2010? It is something normal. This bad program installs itself unto systems when people are accessing compromised websites, or when they are opening spam emails. At first it is harmless but if you don’t consider it a serious threat and you try to use it like you use a normal antivirus, it will attack the firewall, the antivirus and ultimately the operating system on your PC.

Let’s start by a quick overview of this bad program. What is this virus and what does it do? It is the kind of program you do not want on your computer if you want to keep it fully safe. Beware of any website, program, and such that you are coming upon. Do not trust them easily. This is the right way to do when using your computer.


Source by Timothy Zimerman