Determining the best free anti virus software to use on your home computer is a fairly daunting task especially for your average home user. Protecting your computer against virus threats is a critical part of your computer’s security. The 2 main issues selecting the best free anti virus software are determining whether you can trust the site you are downloading the software from and whether the software you download will actually be effective removing viruses.

The good news is that Google has provided an answer. In 2006 Google announced “Google Pack” which is a collection of over 10 free software programs including a number of Google’s own software products like Google Desktop and the excellent Picasa 2 Photo Editor. Also included within Google Pack was a free anti virus software program supplied by a world-class security software vendor.

Symantec originally provided a version of Norton AntiVirus 2005 for Google Pack. The Norton AntiVirus range of products has been recognised for a number of years as one of the leading anti virus solutions for the home. The scanning and removal capability continuously performs well in independent tests. There was however one major limitation. Symantec was only prepared to provide virus definition updates which are central to product for a limited 6 month period and then the user needed to upgrade to a paid version.

At the beginning of 2007 Google addressed this issue with Symantec. The result was that Norton AntiVirus 2005 replaced by a new product called “Norton Security Scan.” Whilst, the new product was missing some of the more advanced features, it still retained the powerful scanning and removal capabilities of the Norton AntiVirus products. More importantly, Symantec agreed to provide free virus updates which were not limited to 6 months.

Given the fact the Norton Security Scan is based on the Norton AntiVirus products and the download is from a trusted Google site, Norton Security Scan is the best free anti virus software available today.


Source by Danny Jones