Today’s world on the Internet can be a informative and educational place. You can find anything on the Internet. Sometimes you encounter things that nobody wants…a nasty computer virus! Pick up a persistent bug, and that expensive electronic toy quickly becomes a nightmare and a headache.

What do you do once you’ve been bitten? You do have a anti-virus program don’t you? Oh, you think because you don’t “download” anything, or go to those kinds of sites that your safe. You better think again. When you opened up that web browser, you just downloaded a temporary snap shot of that web page. If your like 95% of the population with a computer, you have broadband service. Your computer has a open door to the Internet, all the time.

There are many anti-virus programs available, both free and paid. How do you choose? Is one better than the other? You better find out sooner than later, or you’ll be calling me to come out and clean it up for you. Many of my customers will say, “I think I have a anti-virus program”, or “It came with the machine when I bought it 3 years ago”. Most new computers come with a trial of some type of commercial program. These trials typically last 30 – 90 days. After that, you have to purchase a subscription.

If your paid subscription has expired, in my opinion, it’s the same as not having one at all. Some reports claim there are between 200 and 300 new viruses, or variants created a day. If your not getting the latest virus information, your going to get bitten sooner or later.

Now, if a program is free, it probably isn’t as good as one you pay for, right? This isn’t necessarily so. There are agencies that test anti-virus programs to rate their effectiveness. Some will tell you that the protection is as good, if not better than some commercial products. One big difference it tech support after you’ve been hit with a virus. The free products cant afford to staff a phone to answer your questions, or assist you with the removal process. That’s where a paid commercial program can be a life saver, especially to those who are “technically impaired”.

I have used several free anti-virus programs, and so have my customers. Many have reported great success with them. The companies that offer free anti-virus programs usually offer a “pro” version for a small fee. These can also be a bargain. These companies seem to try harder to compete with the major brand names.

Don’t always rely on search results from query’s like, “what is the best anti-virus program”? Marketing and good SEO can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo. Do your homework. Ask your friends. Read forum posts. Make the informed decision. Yes, free anti-virus programs do work, and you can save some money.


Source by Ronald Farnham