What Is Runtime Error 216?

Run-time error 216 is a kind of error which occurs when you start up a computer using a Windows operating system, Internet Explorer, or another Windows-based application. If your computer is infected with virus called SubSeven Trojan, you may receive the following error message: Run-time Error 216 at XXXXX when you start Windows, Internet Explorer, or a Windows-based program.

How to Fix Runtime Error 216?

#1 Since this error is caused by virus, what you need to do is to install antivirus program on your computer immediately to eliminate the virus. To fix runtime error 216, you can choose anyone of the famous protection programs such as McAfee, AVG, Avast etc to remove SubSeven Trojan or other virus on your computer. It is definitely an effective way to fix run-time error 216.

#2 If you have antivirus program on your computer already but still encounter run-time error 216 and failed to fix it perfectly, it is highly recommended you try to run registry repair tools to detect and repair Windows registry errors. Why do you still need registry cleaners to fix runtime error 216? As we know, antivirus programs can help you eliminate virus or trojan powerfully. However, antivirus software doesn’t have the ability about fixing registry errors. To fix runtime error 216 thoroughly, it is very important and necessary for you to run registry scan and fix the corrupted registry entries caused by the virus. Moreover, registry cleaners can not only help you fix run-time errors but also assist you speed up the computer overall performance.


Source by Jason Cihon