Do not know what something is called and your description is not wounding it for a search engine? But besides the Google Lens, now you can easily search by using the pictures on Bing search engine.

Recently, Microsoft launched a new function on Bing that allows the user to search an image on the web by using your phone camera. This AI-mechanical feature is available in the US and only on the Bing app for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Launcher. The company has also released out the feature for Microsoft Edge for Android, and will shortly be added on iOS devices as well as on the Bing.com.

Vince Leung, the product lead for Bing Images at Microsoft said that, while there have been paces for many years to get to this point easily. With the beginning of cloud computing, we can speed up our ability to make some sense out of the pixels.

How it Works?

When you see a stranger who is looking great in jeans, and if you want to know the brand name of that jeans, then you can click a photo of it by using the Bing app, and the search engine will recognize the object and then instantly provides you more information through the help of links. Anyone can use this feature for more things like architecture, plants and many others.

Now the AI-powered visual search has become a hot topic for the tech enormous for everyone. Last year, Google launched Google Lens, which allows you to search easily with your smartphone’s camera and it also features expanded reality.

One of the spokespeople of Microsoft said in an email statement that, Microsoft’s vision is that search is ubiquitous which is going beyond the search box and acclimatize to altering the information needs and technology habits. We believe that Visual Search is the bright future of search and it will continue to spend on latest technologies and techniques to facilitate scenarios that help our search customers. We are very excited about the competence in this space.

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Source by John Smith